CDS member, Sue Jones will be running a print course & a series of workshops at Stoneman Press, Wimbish, near Saffron Walden.

Practical Print Club

8 weeks –  Thursdays
3rd Feb – 31st March (no session over half term)
10.00am – 4.00pm

The Spring term will give a thorough grounding in three printmaking techniques with time to develop skills further. Monoprinting will look at transfer drawing, subtractive and painterly methods, layering, masking to create eclectic and unique prints. Collagraphs – a wonderful technique using textured surfaces and found objects to create prints with character and sensitivity. Learn how to ink Intaglio, relief and viscosity. Introduction to Lino looks at the many possibilities of creating varying images and colour ways from one block. A good grounding into the Relief printmaking possibilities that can be translated to other Relief techniques. Followed by two supported development days to further explore and improve skills. A Term with lots to investigate, discover, develop your skills and meet like minded artists in a friendly studio. Suitable for beginners and those wishing to further their skills.


8th & 9th March – 2 days
10.00am – 4.00pm

Discover the beauty and sensitivity of Collagraphs with this two day workshop. Working with textured surfaces and found objects to create prints full of character. Learn how to ink up Intaglio, (below the surface) and Relief (above the surface) and viscosity a combination of both to create multi coloured images from one pass. An exciting an interesting technique that can create many variable images from the one block. Suitable for all abilities.

Creative Lino

19th & 20th Apr  – 2 days
10.00am – 4.00pm

A workshop that introduces Lino and the many possibilities of creating images from one block without the need for reduction. Looks at the use of Masks, Stencils, viscosity printing, and more. Experiment with your block to produce a wide variety of multi coloured images from a single block. A good grounding in techniques that can be harnessed for all relief printmaking.


For more information please e-mail Sue ( or see her website: