Francesca Gagni-Allen

I was born in Italy and I emigrated to the UK in 1998.  I have a Diploma in Fashion Design (1989-1994) and in 2006 I obtained a HNC in Fine Art Practice.  I currently teach drawing and life drawing at Bedford Arts and Crafts centre and I am in the process of completing a HND in Fine Art Practice.

The shapes and forms the human body take are salient elements of my work.  They take full expression through the movement, the struggle and fluidity of bodies.

I work with watercolour and ink washes to create a sense of space and time.  In my view, humans, are powerlessly caught in a vast system to which we are intimately connected and dependant on.

In our world anything is never still, it is continuously changing in an everlasting cycle of regeneration.  This concept is reflected throughout my work.

I particularly like working with soft pastels and watercolour/ink washes.