Ho-Young Reynolds

Ho-Young is a self-taught artist. Born and educated in South Korea, she holds BA in French Literature. After graduate school in New York, she spent two years at a NY publishing house. Back in Korea, she wrote and published a book and translated two others, unrelated to fine art. She has lived in several major cities including Tokyo, where she met her English husband, Singapore, Melbourne, Hong Kong and London. During those long travelling years as a mother and housewife, she was unable to paint full time. But drawing and painting were never far from her life; always in pursuit of fine art but only enough time and space to produce small-scale pencil drawings and watercolours.

Ho-Young and her husband moved to Cambridge six years ago where she started painting in oil colours. She fell in love with the medium immediately, but soon realised there was a lot to learn before producing good works in oil colour. She dedicated the first two years to studying the different qualities of canvases, colours, mediums, varnishes, brushes, etc – but it was worth the effort! She feels those studies liberated her from the worries of materials or techniques and allowed her to focus on actual painting.