Katie Maynard

Katie Maynard often uses urban or natural locations as a starting point and can use historical research to inspire her imagery. Her work can be observational often evoking a sense of place and human connection.  She is drawn to motifs that express fleeting moments, movement, the passing of time and reflects on the relationship between time, places and events.

Katie Maynard uses sketchbooks to explore place and memory through collage, mixed media, colour and drawing. She writes and also uses photography and film in her practice. She has also started a series of object studies and portraits. Her paintings often include bold shapes and colours, with a fluidity and expressiveness to her brushstrokes she conveys energy and a sensitivity in her work. Katie Maynard is also a tutor in Art History.

University College London – History of Art BA Hons

Cambridge – Art Foundation

City Lit London – Fine Art two years / Developing Art Practice one year