Sarah Rooms Heaphy

Art, photography, and clay has been a large part of my life. My ceramic work is primarily porcelain clay based for its true white canvas to take strong colours and textures. All the work is fired in an electric kiln to 1260’F. The work has evolved over the years, originating from sketches and paintings, but its identity lies in texture, pattern, colour combined with the coastal landscape.

Although I live in Cambridge, I spent time every year touring the coastline, collecting source material to take back to the studio, at Digswell Arts, in Letchworth. I play with texture, overlapping and printing colours onto clay, sketching and painting, whilst ideas develop.

New works are inspired by rough coastal bays, coves, and small working harbours. These sculptures are a direct reaction to gathered images and videos from the coast, looking at textured patterns; listening to crashing waves; the fresh smell of the salt spray; sounds of water of moving stones, collections of ropes, lobster pots, buoys, and many more coastal flotsams.

I have been making ceramics for 20years, exhibiting in galleries and shows, plus teach, and deliver workshops within educational settings.

I have recently had work featured in The Open at the Turner Contemporary, Margate, plus 3-d works in Byard gallery Cambridge, VK gallery, St Ives, Waterperry Art in Action gallery, Oxford, Marinehouse gallery, Dorset, Cove Gallery, Weymouth, Cecilia Coleman gallery in London, and recently Lilford gallery, Canterbury.


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