Christine Lafon

After a lifetime working in various offices it is only since late 2017, after many art-less years and with a “now or never” attitude, that the life-long dream of becoming an artist has come, at last, to fruition.

I grew up and lived for many years in South East London before moving to Cambridge in the 1990s, where I now have a garden studio.

I’m self-taught, on a pathway of discovery and not willing to be restricted to any particular style, subject, or medium.  Portraiture was my first love, in a figurative style but with a few abstract touches, and using a restricted colour pallet.  Working mainly from photos, I am not dependent on a sitter’s availability.  I’ve also been surprised to develop a growing appreciation for still life, especially for painting certain kinds of fruit.

However, more recently I’ve been drawn to quite the other end of the art spectrum, becoming fascinated with vibrant colour combinations which have resulted in abstract paintings.  I mostly use pastels but occasionally branch out into other media.

The athlete, Eric Liddell, whose story was told in the film Chariots of Fire, commented, “When I run, I feel God’s pleasure”, and I have to say that when a painting works for me I have a similar sensation.

I exhibit regularly for Cambridge Drawing Society, Cambridge Open Studios, and occasionally in other local venues.  If you would like to look at my work at any time, please contact me to fix a time and date.