Christine Lafon

I’m a self-taught artist who is passionate about painting portraits, which for me is a way of honoring the individual as intrinsically valuable, bearing something of the image of God.

Whilst my style of portraiture is figurative, I try to add distinctive abstract touches.  Working mainly from photographs, I am not dependent on a sitter’s availability.  A series of the same person can result when particular features appeal, each painting in a different size, colour and media.  I have on occasion photographed a stranger seen in the supermarket – with their permission, of course!  I find I have more freedom to paint creatively when using a limited colour pallet, but I also venture into still-life and abstract, and this is where I enjoy splashing out the colours.

Growing up in SE London, sitting drawing at my mother’s kitchen table in the school holidays, I knew I wanted to be an artist.  However, it is only later in life – in fact since 2017 – with a “now or never” attitude, that the long-dormant dream has become reality.

I find inspiration from and am influenced by many fine artists whose work can so easily be viewed on-line today, among them Jackson Pollock, Giacometti  (his portraits), and Larry Poons, as well as contemporary artists Tom Leiber, Kelv Holtum and Jenny Saville.

Today a Cambridge resident, I exhibit regularly at Cambridge Drawing Society, Cambridge Open Studios and other local exhibitions, and from time to time with MMContemporART, an artist led initiative among friends to showcase contemporary art.  Nudged by some recent interest I am beginning tentatively to consider taking commissions, although this feels like a rather large step in a new direction –  my very own, “big adventure”.