Artist Profiles

Cambridge Drawing Society members work in a diverse range of media and subject matter.

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This is not a complete representation of the members of the society.

I am inspired by local gardens and old buildings, and also enjoy sketching chickens and geese going about their business. Many of my works are in pen and watercolour. I use a dip pen to pick out the textures of trees and the contrasting shapes...
Lazy Days on the River (Naomi Tomkys)

Naomi Tomkys OBE

Naomi Tomkys OBE lives and works in Cambridgeshire. She spent her childhood in London where she attended Central St Martins School of Art. Naomi has exhibited in a wide range of group and one-man shows both Nationally and Internationally. Influences are eclectic and range from...
Lemon tree (Jill Mumford)

Jill Mumford

After the four year B.A. course at Hornsey college of art, Jill spent three years as Art Director at Polydor records. Later going freelance as a record cover designer for many years working on L.P. covers for artists such as the Who, the Jam, Siouxie...
Unseen forces (Jane Veveris Callan)

Jane Veveris Callan

Jane was taught by renowned artist Christopher Fiddes at Northampton High School for Girls then studied Fine at Loughborough College of Art and Design and Printmaking at Wimbledon School of Art.  Her artwork reflects and celebrates her love of nature, animals and plants, often exploring...
Storm-dance (Christine Lafon)

Christine Lafon

After a lifetime working in various offices it is only since late 2017, after many art-less years and with a “now or never” attitude, that the life-long dream of becoming an artist has come, at last, to fruition. I grew up and lived for many...
Golden Child (Rachel Haynes)

Rachel Haynes

I am originally from New Zealand and now live near Cambridge in the village of Bassingbourn. From an early age, I was greatly encouraged in my love of drawing and painting, especially my passion for portraiture. I work is mainly in pastel, which I love for...

Lee Browne

My interest in art probably started while at university when I did my degree in Art history. I later started sketching in water colour while sailing with my husband in the Indian Ocean. Then about 20 years ago an artist friend called Beverley Gibbs arrived...
Apple Blossom & Moon print (Derek Wood)

Derek Wood

I studied fashion & textiles at Ravensbourne College of Art & Design. After graduating I worked as a textile designer, initially in a design studio & then later as a freelance textile designer. I also worked as a library assistant and media technician at London...

Teresa Grady

Teresa’s work is inspired by the relationship between people and the wild, natural world. Working across a variety of media including oils, acrylic, photography and textiles, she searches for momentary glimpses of something that goes beyond time and place to challenge our perception and understanding of...
One misty, moisty morning (Lynn Norton)

Lynn Norton

I am local artist based in a village in Cambridgeshire. I have used many different mediums over the years and up until recently have been inspired by those that are water-based as I have always loved the unpredictability of the results. With regard to my acrylic ink...
Deep into my soul (Giulia Quaresima)

Giulia Quaresima

Giulia Quaresima is an Italian artist who lives and works in Cambridge, UK. Her artistic activity focuses on figurative subjects, particularly portraits and nudes. The women’s universe is the main theme of her painting season: the relentless passage of time, the laceration of abandonment, the...
Polperro Harbour (Steve Edney)

Steve Edney

I have always had a love for drawing, which led me to becoming a Graphic Designer / Visualiser / Art Director for all of my professional working life, now in retirement my focus is watercolour. I will be forever grateful to two great watercolour artists,...
Laid up (Dan Walmsley)

Dan Walmsley

After a life time of flying aircraft both in the RAF and civilian (fast jet and medium range people carriers) and painting for a hobby, I was able on retirement to turn my attention to painting daily. I paint almost exclusively in acrylics and mostly...
Journey of the Magi _A cold coming we had of it_ (Sarah Warnes)

Sarah Warnes

Studied Fine Art and Illustration at Anglia Ruskin University, art tutor for community adult education and private classes.  Ambassador for Derwent Fine Art Pencils. I am currently producing a body of work which reflects my interest in rural Britain’s lost and found drove roads, holloways and paths. ...
I graduated in Fine Art (painting) from Norwich Art School and went on to train as an art teacher at Goldsmiths College, London.  After some years teaching in secondary schools and a break of several years to bring up my family, I returned to drawing...
Salvage 18 (Karen Stamper)

Karen Stamper

Growing up on the east coast of Yorkshire as a happy beachcomber I was attracted to paint-peeling wooden boats, gaudy plastic scraps and brightly coloured fishing floats. As a child I was free to wander, explore and collect. It is these boatyard memories that have...
The Blue One (Surinder Beerh)

Surinder Beerh

Surinder trained as a Chartered Accountant in the City of London and worked most of his life for two Lloyd’s Broking houses in insurance/ reinsurance – first as a finance director and then as a CEO. He travelled extensively round the world on business and...
Hidden Treasures of the Bluebell Woodland (Jessica Hutchinson)

Jessica Hutchinson

I grew up in a very creative household in a little village outside of Cambridge. As a child I was notorious for drawing on everything: shopping lists, scraps of paper, the walls, and even the back of the TV remote. My family has always encouraged me and allowed me...
Walking in the Rain (John Tordoff)

John Tordoff

 John is entirely self-taught, having worked for most of  his adult life as a professional actor.  Any formal training during these years was acquired on various courses at London’s City Lit and Morley College. This included a great deal of life drawing, oil painting, watercolour...

Godfrey J Curtis

I am intrigued by light effects, – particularly, in recent years in back-lit images.  My subjects range from natural history to landscape by way of set pieces of still life, but always trying to catch the light cast in the picture.  Latterly I have become...

Richard Baker

I have been painting all my life, attended art colleges in the ’60s and arrived in Cambridge as an undergraduate in the ‘70s. I spend my time painting in my studio in Cambridge when not out and about working on location. I have always enjoyed...

Neil Warmsley

After training as a silkscreen printer Neil came to Cambridge in 1988 at the age of 26. He soon realised commercial printing was not the career for him and turned to gardening. He trained and worked at Christ’s College as an under gardener. For over...

Pam Hinton

I have no formal training and began painting around the time of my retirement from teaching biology. Naturally I am drawn to floral subjects and have done courses in botanical painting. I particularly like painting buildings mainly using pen and ink and watercolour. Lockdown has...
Patchwork Square Circle (N Chandler)

Niki Chandler

Niki is an artist working with textiles across the disciplines of printmaking and art quilting. Her current series of unique monoprints , Breathing in Colour, showcased at the CDS Spring 2022 show where she was elected as a new member. As a former trained professional...

Brian Fromant

No formal art education although I was offered a place at the Cambridge College of Art and Technology but took the option of engineering, it was the case of the head taking over the heart decision and getting a ‘proper job’. I have been interested...

Louise Faure-Walker

I was born in North Yorkshire. Worked in London and then lived in the North Hertfordshire countryside. I am an established painter and inspired by the world around me use drawings as a record for my studio paintings. I work in oils to create works of...
Senate House, Cambridge, Dec 2022 (Megumi Hashimoto)

Megumi Hashimoto

Born in Japan, Megumi’s first significant artistic experience was as a child with tonal painting using chalk on stone, known as “pavement painting”, which was popular in the south of Japan where she lived.  Despite choosing a career in music she has painted throughout her life and particularly...
Whitley Bay (Liz Dixon)

Liz Dixon

Since she was a child Liz has loved to paint and in 1974 she started a watercolour class with a marvellous teacher who totally inspired her. She loves colour so consequently her world is a very bright joyful place. She prefers to paint with pen...
Cambridge Tree of Books (Maureen Mace)

Maureen Mace

Maureen’s paintings are about colour, detail and ideas and tell stories that can be magical and surreal. Her home city of Cambridge has a strong influence and stimulates her love of medieval art. After studying Visual Communication, Maureen has always been employed in the art...
SeaStrike (Irene Wilkes)

Irene Wilkes

Irene Carmen Wilkes was born in Brisbane, Australia in 1952.  Her parents were Eastern European, post-war immigrants.  Irene’s mother loved folk art and crafts, especially embroidery. She introduced Irene to the colours, organic shapes and repetitive patterns of her native Poland. At the age of 10...
Rainbow in the Picos Mountains (Emily Fowke)

Emily Fowke

I like to spend time in the countryside and then, working from my sense impressions and photos as well as sometimes sketches, I build up oil paintings which I hope convey the appearance as well as the atmosphere of the places which have inspired me....
AJ Blustin’s printmaking plays with forms, structures, flow, connections, rhythms, textures and effects of the light. He first worked for a few years as an astronomer, and continues through printmaking to seek out fundamental patterns behind the observed world. Blustin learned printmaking on short courses...
Squares (Simon King-Underwood)

Simon King-Underwood

I trained at Epsom University for the Creative Arts in ‘Fashion Illustration and Photography’ and graduated in 1994. Having raised a family I am now re-focussed on my creativity and resumed working in 2018. My creative time is split between village life in Cambridgeshire where...
Trafalgar-Square (Craig Allan Lee)

Craig Allan Lee

I’m a self-taught artist that loves to paint both in the studio and outdoors, using oil paint to capture feeling and a sense of place. I find much of my inspiration from life’s everyday moments that pass us by. In particular I enjoy painting family...
Through-the-Pine-Woods (Cathy-Parker)

Cathy Parker

I am a self-taught artist. My paintings spring from my lifelong enjoyment of the natural world. My main subject is the landscape, especially trees, and I also enjoy still life. I work in various media, including oils, acrylics, watercolours, ink and mixed media. I like...
Gironde Carrelet (Bob Ecclestone)

Bob Ecclestone

I was fascinated by art from an early age and at fifteen was selected at school to attend Saturday morning classes at Hornsey College of Art. On leaving school a year later, I became a draughtsman producing technical drawings traditionally in Indian ink on paper...
The City of Moriana (Phil Cope)

Phil Cope

Phil Cope produces sculptural pieces that are predominantly abstract, however they often take inspiration from the human form and life drawing forms an important part of his process. He takes a modernist approach to design and Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth are significant influences on...
Born 1952.  Married, with 1 step-daughter and 4 step-grandchildren. I studied Architecture and Art History at Cambridge.  My art career has run in parallel with work in building conservation. I was Historic Environment Manager for Cambridge, with responsibility for the city’s historic buildings and trees,...
lavender days (Pamela Barrell)

Pamela Barrell

After owning an art gallery and business art consultancy service in both Cambridge and London for 23 years, Pamela gained a degree in the humanities and took various painting courses with the Open University of Arts. She joined the Cambridge Drawing Society in 2004, at...
Sea Spray I (Frances Campbell)

Frances Campbell

My paintings celebrate nature in all her glory. I aim to capture the freshness of a sea breeze or the softness of a woodland floor whilst exploring the balance between realism and abstraction. I start with lots of quick sketches trying to record the essence...
Candy (Sue Lawley)

Sue Lawley

About 15 years ago I began painting again after a long break. I joined local classes, moved from acrylics to oils and began learning. I was accepted into the Cambridge drawing society 10 years ago and have exhibited with them and in other local exhibitions....
Foxes(Ann Biggs)

Ann Biggs

Ann trained in the 1970’s at the Cambridge School of Art and has worked as a professional illustrator ever since.  Ann found work with educational publishers specialising in Natural History for schools, also taking on commissioned work with private customers. Nowadays Ann looks to private...
And Quiet Flows the Cam (Colin Hayes)

Colin Hayes

After a life-long career in publishing, the second half of it with Cambridge University Press, I started to draw and paint seriously in my ‘third age’ about 20 years ago.  I was taught privately for several years by James Horton, formerly President of the RBA;...
Tin and Stone (Sue Eddy)

Susan Eddy

I have always loved painting: A childhood on a Suffolk farm was where it started. Nothing else to do but roam the fields and woods and then start drawing and painting them. I still farm with my husband and the natural world is a never-ending...

Carol Whitehouse

I have lived in Cambridgeshire all my life.   A self-taught watercolour artist I have attended many workshops and courses to learn and develop my style of flower painting.    Bold, vibrant colours feature in most of my works and I like to incorporate a semi-abstract element.   ...
Minted Fen Upware (Victoria Parker-Jervis)

Victoria Parker-Jervis

Victoria Parker-Jervis (born 1963) has lived and worked most of her life as an artist and painter of East Anglia.  A student at the Chelsea School of Art 1981-5.  She works mostly in oil on canvas and also uses watercolour, pencil and silver point amongst...
Across Ferry Lagoon to Over Church (Veronica Sutherland)

Veronica Sutherland

I am an amateur artist who has enjoyed painting and drawing for many years.  In 2010 I gained a Distance Learning Diploma in botanical painting and have continued with this, mainly in coloured pencils.  I also like to try less detailed work, experimenting with different...
Sheeps Green And Coe Fen (Marcus Walder)

Marcus Walder

Being flooded with light elicits both an emotional state and a physical sensation. I’m interested in trying to make that connection with a depiction of light on a flat surface. I enjoy examining the dynamic between surface and depth and contrasts of warm and cool saturated...
Chris and Jake (Freya Hoayun)

Freya Hoayun

I am a portrait painter based in St Ives, Cambridgeshire. I have always been interested in capturing the likeness of someone be it person or animal. I am mostly self taught but I studied fine art at school where I developed my love of portraiture...
Flax Flowers (Hatty Richmond Dakin)

Hatty Richmond Dakin

Cambridge-based Hatty Richmond Dakin is a late-starter, returning to making art after a gap of more than 25 years. Painting professionally since 2022, she prepared for this over a period of several years, including studying with Martin Kinnear, where she learned about the infinite possibilities...
Winter (Sachiko Purser)

Sachiko Purser

Sachiko Purser’s work is inspired by nature, narratives and nostalgia. It explores the impact of the current environment on the natural world. Here she presents Sumi-ink paintings. Endangered Species: Forest Elephant and Javan Rhino on Japanese paper ( Shikoku-shi). Image size: W 30cm x H...

Katrina Wilkie

I am primarily, though not exclusively, a landscape painter. A subject observed in my environment is always the starting point for a painting, but then the demands of the painting take over. I focus on the composition and colour relationships but don’t include all topographical...

Janet Edwards

Watercolour painter for thirty years and now, why not more colour, gouache. The subjects remain the same—shapes, patterns, colour—my pen takes off by itself, the finished drawings having lives of their own, becoming fantasies or motifs, the colours sublime. Watercolours and gouache are all immediate—there...
Fallen Light (Janet Gammans)

Janet Gammans

Janet works from her studio in South Cambridgeshire as a freelance artist, supplying semi abstract, impressionistic, and fine art to publishing companies worldwide. Her paintings are sold from galleries throughout the South of England and internationally via the web. She has become a much-recognised artist...
Staithes Fishing Boat (Clare Trowell)

Clare Trowell

I enjoy producing linoprints. My work is influenced by nature, everyday life and the world I see around me. I love to draw and observational drawing informs my printing practice. I have been printmaking for about six years now and I really enjoy the process...
Fieldlines Late Autumn (Caroline Furlong)

Caroline Furlong

Caroline is a self-taught, multi award winning, art and crafts person who never stays still in her creativity. Her art career started with pure watercolours during a big birthday. Later pastels, acrylics, collage and mixed media followed. Caroline’s art subject matter ranges from natural to imaginary....

John Glover

John Glover is a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art, Jordanhill College of Further Education, and the Open University. Between 1970 and 1980, John worked as a freelance book illustrator in London for such publishers as Evans Bros, Hamlyns, Oxford University Press and Macmillans....
Autumn Lights V (Geoff Goddard)

Geoff Goddard

Geoff Goddard is a British portrait artist based in Cambridgeshire. After retiring from visual arts teaching, he has focused even more on his paintings where realism is fundamental. The Pre-Raphaelites era and many contemporary figurative artists have influenced Goddard’s work. His art employs a range...
Heron with marsh marigold (Colin Barker)

Colin Barker

My art training was at the Hornsey College of Art where I achieved my National Diploma in Design degree (BA). After art school I went into publishing, doing magazine and technical book design. I worked for various publishers and then at the Central Office of...
Windswept hawthorns on the Cornish coast (Penny Newman)

Penny Newman

I am primarily a watercolour artist with a passion for painting outside ‘plein air’ where the weather, atmosphere and happenings of the day all contribute towards the completed work. I particularly enjoy painting open landscapes. Trees, plants, flowers, buildings and water within the landscape are...
Oak Tree Bluebells (Debbie Baxter)

Debbie Baxter

I have painted all my life and looking back I was always interested in drawing and painting trees. Growing up in the middle of nature surrounded by woodland on all sides I realize how much I was engaged with the landscape around me. My mother...
On the Cam (Liz Beardwell)

Elizabeth Beardwell

I obtained a degree in Art and Art History from Cambridge School of Art & Design at APU. I found that I developed a particular interest in Printmaking, the process involved somehow separating the artist from the final image. Interest in the medieval images in...

David Thompson

I am a largely self taught painter though much encouraged by one or two sympathetic artists I have met either online or in person. Above all I am inspired by the great realist art of the past from the Italian and Flemish Renaissance through to...
Pond-Life (Megan Ecclestone)

Megan Ecclestone

Having taught Art at secondary level for many years, helping and encouraging students to pursue their own Art careers, it’s been great getting back to finding, and enjoying my own personal art since retiring. My fascination is with patterns in nature, and despite the range...
The View from Assisi (Chris Hewitt)

Chris Hewitt

I trained as a graphic designer/typographer going on to form my own consultancy as well as teaching graphics full and part time. My career in visual communication fuelled my love of drawing/painting. As design became more computer based and my own work became less ‘hand...
Winter Land (Stephanie Hemming)

Stephanie Hemming

I am largely a self-taught painter who has belonged to a number of art groups and joined a several intensive courses over the years. My work is mostly about observation and my interpretation of the way I see the world through painting.  I work mostly...
Fragment of King's Parade Radek Walachnia

Radek Walachnia

Radek Walachnia is a contemporary artist based in Cambridge, UK, and the creator of the “Cambridge Fantastic” series of watercolour paintings. With a background in architecture and years of experience in the video game industry, Radek’s unique style blends real-world elements with imaginative ingredients to...

Lorraine Brown

Since graduating in Fine Art from ARU I have exhibited locally and participated in Cambridge Open Studios. In 2015 I was commissioned by Wetherspoon’s to create two large mixed media artworks for a new premises in Huntingdon.  I regularly volunteer at Rowan, a local art...
Wicken Fen (Anna Pye)

Anna Pye

Anna grew up on a farm in south Cambridgeshire surrounded by animals, wildlife and the countryside, which continues to inspire her work. She enjoys lino cutting, screen printing and mono printing. She exhibits widely in galleries and with the Cambridge Drawing Society, Royston Arts Society...
African-Wild-Dog-Ceramic (Janice R Anderson)

Janice R Anderson

My art, both in painting and in sculpture, is almost always centred upon the natural world. Following a medical career as a histopathologist, I obtained a first-class degree in Art and Art History from Cambridge School of Art & Design at APU, now Anglia Ruskin...
Autumn Walk (Alister Fraser)

Alister Fraser

After a long career in education, retirement gave me the opportunity to devote time and effort to something I wanted to take further and that was watercolour painting. I spent a professional lifetime encouraging children to develop their artistic talent but always had this nagging...
Ammonite (KateMcGonigle)

Kate McGonigle

Kate’s work focuses on creating small abstract compositions and lively animal portraits primarily using watercolour and ink. Her distinctive style highlights a vibrant interplay of color and form, capturing the essence of her subjects. Based in Cambridge, Kate is a member of the Drawing Society...
Assemblage No.12 Tracey.Ashman

Tracey Ashman

I have practiced printmaking since 1995 and enjoy an art form which can be very exacting and challenging.  As a printmaker, my creativity is limitless.  Printmaking processes and techniques can be combined, to provide an endless artistic journey, which constantly inspires.  My preferred printmaking techniques...
Saffron Walden Pop (Sonia Villiers)

Sonia Villiers

Sonia Villiers was born in Bristol and moved to London to study Fashion Design, running her own boutique in Bloomsbury for 10 years. She has been living near Cambridge for 25 years. Her work can be recognised by her use of vibrant colour, bendy buildings...
The Shadows We Make (Gillian Coe)

Gillian Coe

I come from a rural background, and have always been an outdoors person. My love of the countryside and wildlife, is reflected ins my art. I took up painting 15 years ago and am self-taught. For the last 8 years I have been mainly painting...
Cuttings (Angela Cookney)

Angela Cookney

I have painted in oils, watercolours and acrylics for many years. For the past few years I have painted mostly in acrylics and have enjoyed working in layers. Most of my recent work is based on still life and interiors, and I have introduced hand...
Mata (Sara Woodall)

Sara Woodall

I studied art in Dublin, Chester and London, and then in Cambridge with James Horton, PRSA and have undertaken many portrait commissions. I love landscapes and have painted in Tuscany, Switzerland, Venice, Sardinia, France and Sicily. I drew and painted people from childhood and have...
Bending in the Wind Helen Clarke

Helen Clarke

I aim  to create paintings which lift the spirit and enhance life and the wonderful flowing quality of watercolour is the ideal medium to achieve this. Working from my Summer House Studio in Great Wilbraham, I overlook an inspiring wild flower meadow with adjoining fields....
Flight of the Lapwings - Sarah Hutchinson

Sarah Hutchinson

I am an artist who has always been inspired and enthralled by wildlife and the natural world. From an early age I was encouraged to draw and paint what I saw or found. My grandma would take me out for walks in the Devonshire countryside...
Blue Whale Yellow SeaI (EJTaylor)

Elizabeth Jane Taylor

I’m local to Cambridge and have lived in the city all my life, for most my working life I have been a part-time artist, squeezing in my artistic activities in any spare time I could find between full time work and family commitments, so did...
Shifting Margins (Rob Dempsey)

Rob Dempsey

Originally from Dublin, Ireland, and having grown up in the shadow of the rolling slopes of the Wicklow mountains, I‘ve been living in the Cambridgeshire area since the late 1990’s and I am currently focusing on the gentle beauty of the flat Fenlands. I have...
I am both a painter and printmaker and my subjects include contemporary ‘tablescapes’ from my collection of containers and tableware of various sorts. These paintings are about identity and relationship, often represented by receptacles such as jugs, bowls, pots and plates. As an Art Therapist,...
Market Town Area, Cambs (Alice Thomson)

Alice Thomson

I have a degree in illustration and work in my home studio specialising in mixed media landscapes, and cityscapes and still life. These are continuations from onsite sketches. Experimenting with different techniques and materials with no strict rules, I enjoy looking for new and surprising...
Red House (Barbara Hope)

Barbara Hope

Drawing is something I have always loved. I am a self taught artist with an A level in Art and City & Guild Design for Print. An elected member of Cambridge Drawing Society since 2013. A member of Ely Art Society, Ely Art Lovers Workshop...
Parn Voose (Iona Howard)

Iona Howard

My prints use figuration and abstraction to portray the landscape of places I know well. The sources can come from working en plein air or expressing landscape filtered through memory. The physicality of my approach to the printing process combined with a contemplative exploration of...

Liz Hales

Retirement from full time work enabled me to develop my interest in art; progressing from life drawing to watercolour, print making and illustration work. Much of my work is in a sketch form, recording travels, personal experiences and people I know and I continue to...
Through the Vail (Janet Mayes)

Janet Fay Mayes

My art is an exploration of my philosophical musings. Informed by my studies in Psychology and Philosophy. Inspired by texture, patterns and my love of patchwork. I explore the liminal moment between one state and another. Building up layers, working fast, loose and gesturally. I...

Jennifer Wilson

Soon after leaving school I was accepted into Chelsea Art School and awarded a scholarship for drawing. I specialised in fabric design and had some wonderful tutors during my three years there. My forte and special interest has been in detailed drawings of natural objects,...
MORNING MIST (Barbara Harlow)

Barbara Harlow

Barbara lives in Soham and has been painting for most of her life.  She was the owner of an art gallery in Ely for 14 years and has now retired to concentrate on her painting. The early tuition she received from two well known local...
Towards Sussex Street (Yang Yuxin)

Yang Yuxin

I paint.
Fragments (Lizanne van Essen)

Lizanne van Essen

My work includes a variety of media including collage, paint, textiles, printmaking and book art.  The images are sometimes representational sometimes abstracted, and emphasise line, form and colour. The sculptural books evolved from a delight in pure form, with the play of light creating shadows...
White Cat (Monica Alikoviene)

Monica Alikoviene

Monica Alikoviene began creating art at a very young age but only pursued a career as an artist later in her adult life. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and working for some time, Monica decided to change course and develop her artistic skills....
Rodi (Diane Firth)

Diane Firth

I love the challenge of representing another person. Everyone is individual and trying to capture a unique character and appearance is inspiring and always fascinating. I largely work in charcoal or oil paint because of their flexibility for portraits although I also use pencil and watercolour. The...
Path to the Old Lighthouse (Nina Sage)

Nina Sage

I am a Hilton based printmaker who enjoys portraying the natural world, creating colourful, multi-layered prints in small variable editions. I specialise in linocut, woodcut, wood engraving and monoprint, sometimes combining these methods to get the images I want. Artist’s Statement Printmaking gives me a...
Autumn (Pat Stoten)

Patricia Stoten

Inspired by the bold shapes of nineteen-sixties fashion, Pat Stoten’s current work is distinctive through the use of bright, vibrant, juxtaposed colours which produce an harmonious energy; presented through the mixed medium of collage and watercolour. A courage in her work; always striving for improvement,...
The Blue Umbrella, Snowy Cambridge (Chris Lockwood)

Christine (Chris) Lockwood

I trained at Chester College of Art and Nottingham Trent (BA Hons.) specializing in Printed Textile Design in the department of Fashion and Textiles. A retail business in the city centre of Nottingham followed and for many years I designed and hand printed fashion and...

Sherry Rea

Sherry’s artwork focuses on texture and its resonance with the subject. Using printmaking techniques such as collagraph, monoprint, and drypoint, she often explores her keen interest in biodiversity to create images incorporating the tactile aspects of a wide range of plants and animals. Sherry enjoys...
I am a Cambridge artist working mainly in watercolour and pen and ink scenes of Cambridge and the surrounding towns and villages. I love to paint architecture and enjoy making portraits of domestic houses and gardens as well as stately homes and city streets.
Touching the Sky (Melanie Max)

Melanie Max

Melanie’s semi-abstract landscapes are inspired by the British coast and wetlands. She works from her studio aboard her narrowboat with views across the washes in Cambridgeshire. Originally from Cornwall, her life’s path gradually took her to the flatlands of the Fens and closer to her...
It's Good to be Me (Astrig Akseralian)

Astrig Akseralian

Astrig works in acrylics, pastels, and other mixed media, including collage, using her innate sense of colour to create harmonious images. Having wanted to work with clay from an early, taking pottery classes at Saturday school age 9 at Camden Arts Centre, she continued her...
Waiting (Rob Jones)

Rob Jones

At school I enjoyed physics and art, taking A levels in  both.  I read physics at university and a career in science and technology followed. Now that I have  retired I have picked up drawing again after a thirty year hiatus.
The Sheltered Cove, Sardinia (Binnie Macellari)

Binnie Macellari

My work is focused on the changing seasons in land and seascapes, with a strong emphasis on light and colour harmony to express mood and place. In this I am influenced by my life in Argentina, where I was born and lived before coming to...
Bedazzled (Vivienne Machell)

Vivienne Machell

My formal art education from 1967-70 was a pre-diploma course at Portsmouth College of Art and then a 3 year course in Fashion and Textiles at Nottingham College of Art. I have continually practiced my art throughout my life, mainly life drawing and portraits and...
Spring teapot (Beverly Bevis)

Beverly Bevis

I am a retired reception class teacher and a late-comer to the practice of art.  My enjoyment of doing art of all kinds with children is one of the things that influenced me to take it up for myself.   I’ve always loved textiles and started...

Willie Wilson

I paint a wide variety of subjects in oils, mostly on canvas board, and these vary from simple still lives to more complicated scenes which include figures and portraits. I’ll have a go at most subjects. I’m not organised enough to paint out of doors...
Initially academically trained in the traditions of Western Art, after a trip to China in 1986, I began doing East Asian painting in the literati style (painting by scholar-artists), then after retiring from my profession as a painting restorer I began to develop my printmaking...
Last Light (Rosemary Scott)

Rosemary Scott

After taking early retirement I relocated to southern Spain, in the beautiful province of Murcia. Here one can experience all of the  seasons in one day! Snow on the mountains in the early morning, flowers in the garden at coffee time, sun on the sea...
Entwined (Caroline Forward)

Caroline Forward

Caroline is an oil painter working from her garden studio in the Cambridgeshire Fens where she has lived for over 30 years.  She is self taught having drawn, painted and explored creative processes all her life, taking courses and workshops to challenge, develop and stretch...
Edinburgh Castle from the Botanics (Shirley Spottiswoode

Shirley Spottiswoode

I was born at Rye, East Sussex in 1933. After school at Queenswood in Hertfordshire, where Miss Pilgrim, the art teacher gave me a wonderful start, I attended The Hastings Art School and was taught painting by Vincent Lines. Later on, I taught Art, and,...
Daft Dog (Rob Ellis)

Rob Ellis

I’ve only recently started painting and I’ve had no formal training.  I use watercolour because it’s not smelly and stopping and starting is no problem and there’s no mess at all.  Mine are even less messy than most and could fairly be called “watercolour drawings” since...
A long-term member of CDS since 1976, Sam has worked chiefly in a graphic style, charcoal, pen and ink and linocuts. Colour has been sometimes sparingly added by collage and pastel. Subjects have been Mill Road and its neighbourhood observed over 50 years, Cambridge, travels abroad,...
Dad's Shed (Mel Collins)

Melanie Collins

Melanie Collins (b1954) is a Member and Chairman of the Society of East Anglian Watercolourists (SEAW) and a Committee Member of the Cambridge Drawing Society (CDS). She studied History of Art and Architecture at A Level, took a B.Sc in Geography (and Economics) at Bristol...

Joan Jeans

I studied at Sheffield College of Art in the Sixties, Diploma in art and Design Fine Art, Painting with Printmaking. Italian Government Scholarship. University of London Institute of Education, Art Teacher’s Certificate, 1970 I have taught art at many levels all my life and enjoyed...
Shimmering Sea (Christine Wilson)

Christine Wilson

I am an experimental artist working primarily in pen, ink and watercolour.  Being passionate in my aim to capture line, colour, essence and vitality of any chosen subject matter, I aim to evoke emotion through a sense of time and place. With a background in...
Evening Arrival, Ibo Island, Mozambique (Katherine Firth)

Katherine Firth

Based in Cambridge, I have a History of Art degree, and a Diploma in Portrait Painting from Heatherley’s School of Fine Art.  I am a member of The Lots Road Group of Portrait Painters which exhibits annually in London and have been commissioned by several...
Originally from Singapore, Susan has lived in the UK for nearly 30 years. In 2012, she became the first local artist-in-residence at Orleans House Gallery in Twickenham. She is currently working on two series of work: Daily Exercise and Skygazing. Daily Exercise is her response...

Vera Rosenberry

Vera Rosenberry has lived in Grantchester for over 20 years.  She has been painting landscapes recently, inspired by the hedgerows, river, and fields nearby.  While these landscapes are imaginary, the imagery is based on memory of what she has seen on her frequent walks through...

Katy Bailey

Katy Bailey’s work is a diary in paint. She follows her passions about nature and sustainability to try to find new ways of communicating these with the viewer. The underlying theme and subject matter revolve around nature, specifically woodlands. Nature has all the answers we...
running out (Sue Walker)

Sue Walker

I am inspired by the landscapes of East Anglia and Mediterranean visits. My choice of subject matter is often decided by my emotional  response to the mood and colours of the scene. It is usually the colours that attract my attention and excite me when...

Tim Milner

I have always enjoyed drawing, and I mainly produce highly imaginative works, but I also like drawing buildings and wildlife. I work mainly in graphite pencil, but also some coloured pencil and watercolour. I have exhibited since 2014 and been a member of the CDS...
Autumn Oaks (Liz Hartley)

Liz Hartley

I’m a printmaker working mainly in linocut as well as other print media such as monoprint and photolithography. I’m a keen walker and my prints often feature landscapes from around my studio in North Essex or adjacent Fenland near Cambridge. I aim to capture something...
China Town New York (carol mountford)

Carol Mountford

Carol has a background in interior design and started painting 30 years ago, using watercolour. She is self taught and her style is loose and free flowing with lots of colour and vitality.  She has sold through a fine art publisher and had limited edition...
‘Whirlpool’.   Watercolour on Gesso.     Sarah G Freedman

Sarah Freedman

I have been painting for over 30 years. During evening classes I experimented with a variety of media and had tutorials in pastels and life drawing. About 20 years ago I joined a botanical watercolour group and painted with them for over 6 years enjoying...
prince of pirates (jackie duckworth)

Jackie Duckworth

My first career was in genetics, but in 2006 I switched my allegiance to art, beginning with a life drawing class, progressing to the Access to Art course at CRC, and then studying Illustration at ARU. I became a full time printmaker, illustrator and textile...

Galina Holley

I am a self-taught artist who has studied in private art lessons and fine art courses. For me, creativity is my world of happiness and bright colours. I’ve always loved to paint and it gives me great enjoyment. I loved to draw portraits in my...

Rosemary Myers

I first studied Illustration at Cambridge School of Art and many years later returned to do the M.A. Course in Printmaking, I am fascinated by the many ways an image may be used in the various mediums available. I also love drawing old and interesting...
Lezignan Folly (Sean MacGarry)

Sean MacGarry

I grew up in South London, and during my last year at school in Blackheath, attended Saturday morning sessions at Camberwell Art School, doing silk screen printing and lino-cut prints. Having contemplated pursuing a career in graphic design I decided to study architecture at Regent...
Trees in the Wind (Amanda Holland)

Amanda Holland

Amanda studied Art & Design at Guildford Art College in the 1980’s. She was tutored and greatly influenced from a young age by her grandmother, a member of the Royal Academy and prolific watercolour artist. Amanda developed a strong connection with landscapes, forests and use...
Since my initial training in Graphic Design at Chelsea School of Art, I more recently refreshed my work by doing an Illustration degree at Cambridge School of Art (Anglia Ruskin.) Observational drawing, which I have always found both a delight and a challenge, led me...
Wanda (Yvonne Jerrold)

Yvonne Jerrold

I have drawn and painted all my life, except for a long break when I was an architect and didn’t have time. When I returned to artwork, I painted mainly in oils until, about eight years ago, when I started stone-carving.  Now I work mostly...
Peeling Apples (Barbara Rogers)

Barbara Rogers

I paint in oils.  I enjoy painting people who are doing things, mainly set in front of a landscape.
St. Mary's Fen Ditton (Lyudmila Sikhosana)

Lyudmila Sikhosana

Lyudmila grew up in Ukraine and graduated in Rostov-on-Don, Pedagogical University in Russia. She predominately works in the figurative impressionist style, working mainly in oil and is inspired by the local nature and gardens of Cambridgeshire. Her work has been exhibited at the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy,...
Drygalski Fjord glacier, South Georgia (Paul Rodhouse)

Paul Rodhouse

As a youngster, Paul Rodhouse was fascinated by both art and natural history.  He received an honours certificate from the Royal Drawing Society at the age of 12, passed O-level art at 15 but then followed his scientific interests and a career in marine biology...