Janice R Anderson

My art, both in painting and in sculpture, is almost always centred upon the natural world. Following a medical career as a histopathologist, I obtained a first-class degree in Art and Art History from Cambridge School of Art & Design at APU, now Anglia Ruskin University.

The work of a histopathologist involves recognition of subtle differences in patterns and colours as seen by microscopy and undoubtedly this discipline has influenced my art.  I like to observe and record the detail of animals and plants and I am drawn to the fascinating patterns, that occur in nature.

I have been fortunate enough to travel widely, including undertaking many African safaris and African animals are the subjects of many of my sculptures.  In addition, I am a scuba diver, and the brilliant colours and shapes of the reef corals provide ideas for paintings.  In my paintings, I enjoy exploring a variety of media.  My sculptures are ceramic i.e. fired clay, which is then coloured by paints and glazes.  It is my policy to paint and sculpt only those animals that I have closely observed and photographed myself.

Website: www.rustathouse.org/JRA.html