Lyudmila Sikhosana

Lyudmila grew up in Ukraine and graduated in Rostov-on-Don, Pedagogical University in Russia.

She predominately works in the figurative impressionist style, working mainly in oil and is inspired by the local nature and gardens of Cambridgeshire. Her work has been exhibited at the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy, and the Mall Galleries in London.

‘When I paint, I feel elated, in unison with the people or space around me and I disappear into the landscape and the subject matter in front of me,’ explains Lyudmila. ‘For me, creating a painting is not about making a faithful reproduction but rather about a beautiful visual experience, that is based on some fundamental truth of nature. Even if it is not an exact replica of what is seen, I play with the paint on canvas until something remarkable happens, which has its own internal truth’.