Tracey Ashman

I have practiced printmaking since 1995 and enjoy an art form which can be very exacting and challenging.  As a printmaker, my creativity is limitless.  Printmaking processes and techniques can be combined, to provide an endless artistic journey, which constantly inspires.  My preferred printmaking techniques are mono-printing, silkscreen and linocuts.  I gained a certificate in Printmaking from the Curwen Study Centre in Linton in 2015.

I’m inspired by form, line, colour and texture, and my prints are inspired by an abiding interest in textiles, a legacy left to me by my mother.  I spent many hours in her sewing room, where I was taught to sew and knit at the age of five.  I incorporate stitch into my printmaking processes; the texture and form of stitch, both hand and machine, creates beautiful, unexpected marks.  I use cotton as a drawing medium to create line and texture in my prints, and paper is the perfect medium for capturing the beauty of the mark.

Stitch for me is a metaphor for growth and renewal.  One stitch, leading onto many, was the starting point to a healing and mending of my mind and body and plays an important cathartic process during traumatic health problems.

Artist CV

​Cambridge Drawing Society member since 2012.

Cambridge Original Printmakers Inaugural Exhibition in 2014

Summer Exhibition at the Babylon Gallery 2015

Curwen Group Exhibition 2015

Cambridge Original Printmakers Biennale 2016

Cambridge Original Printmakers Biennale 2018