Yvonne Jerrold

I have drawn and painted all my life, except for a long break when I was an architect and didn’t have time. When I returned to artwork, I painted mainly in oils until, about eight years ago, when I started stone-carving.  Now I work mostly with limestone or polyphant, and my subjects tend to be semi-figurative images of people or animals.  I tend not to plan, but am guided by the natural form of the stone towards whatever shape it wants to become, and I also like to experiment.

My work sometimes starts with vivid dreams. I wake up with an image in my mind that stays with me until I have realised it, and sometimes artwork helps me to think things through. I find it a restful and absorbing activity that settles my mind when it is skitting all over the place.

I exhibit most years at exhibitions of the Cambridge Drawing Society and occasionally at other local venues.  I also sell online at ArtGallery.co.uk.

Website:  www.yvonnejerrold.com