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Cambridge Drawing Society Spring Exhibition 2024
Catalogue of Artworks Exhibited

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Artist Name
(* = New Member)
Bob EcclestoneRose Crescent, CambridgeWatercolour24
Market Street, CambridgeWatercolour24
Brancaster EveningWatercolour42
Tide Mill, WoodbridgeWatercolour24
Megan EcclestoneSuffolk SurfAcrylic46
Maltese CrestAcrylicW3
Golden WaveAcrylic46
Steve EdneyPunt Della DoganaWatercolour22
Crayford CreekWatercolour22
Trawler On BeachWatercolour22
Water Under BridgeWatercolour42
Rob EllisVermonte Thomas, Cleveland, OhioWatercolour on Paper52
Weybourne Beach 4pm 19th DecemberWatercolour on Paper53
Stanley The DogWatercolour on Paper53
Don't Try This At Home...Watercolour on Paper52