Bob Ecclestone

I was fascinated by art from an early age and at fifteen was selected at school to attend Saturday morning classes at Hornsey College of Art. On leaving school a year later, I became a draughtsman producing technical drawings traditionally in Indian ink on paper or linen. Having scraped together the entrance qualifications at evening classes, I was accepted to study architecture full-time at the Architectural Association School in London. During my life as an architect I have been able to spend less time than I would have liked on painting but now following my recent retirement from full-time practice it has been a joy to indulge my passion with renewed vigour.

My preferred artwork medium has always been watercolour. I love its immediacy and the way that effects emerge naturally (and sometimes accidentally!) on the paper. I generally try to give a feeling of brightness to my work by introducing a wide tonal range. I do, of course, like buildings but I am just as happy painting land and seascapes with emphasis on the atmosphere created by skies and weather conditions.