Maureen Mace

Maureen’s paintings are about colour, detail and ideas and tell stories that can be magical and surreal. Her home city of Cambridge has a strong influence and stimulates her love of medieval art.

After studying Visual Communication, Maureen has always been employed in the art industry: first as a graphic designer and illustrator and finally as an art teacher. Throughout her career she has painted and exhibited her work. She regularly exhibits with Cambridge Open Studios and Cambridge Drawing Society and is represented by Byard Art in Cambridge and Lux Gallery in Birmingham. Nowadays she spends her time painting and gives art tuition in her studio.

Maureen always heads first to the older works in any art museum to enjoy the paintings, tapestries and manuscripts from the medieval period, loving the gold leaf, the people, imaginary animals and the humour in the work from this period. A few years ago, she became a reader at Parker Library, Corpus Christi College, and draws from their illuminated manuscripts regularly.

Her oil paintings take a long time to produce as they are built of many layers with tiny details. She works on two or three paintings at the same time. The subjects are predominantly Cambridge and trees: her large tree series include copper or gold leaf, thousands of individually painted leaves with objects nestling amongst them are very popular. Many are made into prints and greeting cards which can be bought in various Cambridge venues or from her website

An avid sketcher, Maureen loves going out to draw on the streets of Cambridge or in the museums, you may have seen her! During the Lockdowns she made a drawing every day about her experience and published 2 books of her sketches.