Megumi Hashimoto

Born in Japan, Megumi’s first significant artistic experience was as a child with tonal painting using chalk on stone, known as “pavement painting”, which was popular in the south of Japan where she lived.  Despite choosing a career in music she has painted throughout her life and particularly so in England during the last 25 years as she has explored water colour, acrylics, oils and most recently, pastel, perhaps returning to her childhood roots. Megumi finds that pastel gives her an immediacy of colour, vibrancy and texture, and applying it feels like a natural extension to her fingers.

She finds inspiration in the work of Mary Cassatt, Degas and Pissarro but she mixes traditional techniques and contemporary approaches in pastel.  As is often said about art, it is a form that can express what words cannot, and Megumi endeavours to capture those particular fleeting moments of emotion that can be conjured up by the natural world or by other people. Moments of solitude or nostalgia, the feeling of wonder at a magnificent landscape or the peace that comes from gazing at the night sky.

Megumi is a member of the Cambridge Drawing Society and exhibits with the CDS, Royston Arts Society and Cambridge Open Art Exhibition.