Emily Fowke

Mainly a landscape artist, I aim to convey the atmosphere and appearance of the natural world through oil painting. Being in the non-urban world is so good for us and I think that paintings which recall that exhilaration and connection are good to have around.

I’ve become more interested in the sense of a dynamic between wild creatures and sometimes also human figures in my landscapes.

I work by applying many layers of paint, thin to thick and scraping back often. I work over several weeks until a sense of a whole gradually emerges. Colour mixing is also a big part of my work and I also put a lot of emphasis on drawing my paintings out.

I also enjoy occasionally painting portraits and still lifes.

I’ve exhibited work with the Russell Gallery, London; the New English Art Club, The Society of East Anglian Artists; Picturecraft Gallery, Norfolk, as well as having a solo exhibition in the Museum of Classical Archaeology, Cambridge University.


Website: www.emilyfowke.co.uk