Emily Fowke

I like to spend time in the countryside and then, working from my sense impressions and photos as well as sometimes sketches, I build up oil paintings which I hope convey the appearance as well as the atmosphere of the places which have inspired me.

I have a strong inclination towards variety in colours and textures and also in creating a sense of space.

I am currently experimenting with introducing areas of glazing, and using some cold wax in parts of my paintings and I am beginning work on portraits alongside the landscapes.

I am mainly a self-taught artist although I have gained from taking a Foundation Arts course at The City Literary Institute, London; and I have completed a Certificate in Painting with the Open College of Arts, alongside other courses.

I’m pleased to show work with the Cambridge Drawing Society, and I have also taken part in exhibitions at Primavera Gallery, Cambridge, The Russell Gallery, London, and Mall Galleries, London, amongst others.


Website: www.emilyfowke.co.uk