Giulia Quaresima

Giulia Quaresima is an Italian artist who lives and works in Cambridge, UK. Her artistic activity focuses on figurative subjects, particularly portraits and nudes. The women’s universe is the main theme of her painting season: the relentless passage of time, the laceration of abandonment, the fascinating moment of conception are the subjects on which she reflects. She uses painting to analyse our fears and hopes, and her works do not hide behind intellectual games.

The artist believes that her works can show her love for tradition and her respect for the craft, because, in her opinion, modernity should be find through the old rule of art. She is very faithful to the “poetic of realism” with which she carries on her own idea of reality.

Giulia Quaresima’s art career includes an extensive education. She completed her MA in History of Contemporary Art with honours from University of Pisa, Italy in 2012. Prior to receiving her MA, she earned her BA in Cultural Heritage Studies with honours from University of Pisa, Italy in 2009, and her BA in Painting with honours, from the Academy of Fine Arts, Carrara, Italy in 2006.

Over the year she has undertaken many commissions and she has taken part to several group and solo exhibitions in UK and abroad since 2003. The artist is currently represented by DegreeArt, a London based online art gallery and she has been a member of
the Cambridge Drawing Society since April 2018.

Solo Exhibitions
– One hundred eyes in one day, exhibition and performance, Debut Contemporary
Gallery, London (UK), 2013
– Mitologie reali, Petrartedizioni gallery, Pietrasanta (LU), Italy, 2011
– Tre passi indietro, Villa Gori, Massarosa (LU), Italy, 2010
– Vivendo e quasi vivendo, Petrartedizioni gallery, Pietrasanta (LU), Italy, 2007
– Gli sguardi della vita, Blue Port club&showroom, Marina di Carrara (MS), Italy, 2006
– Panta rei, Arte Spazio gallery, Marina di Pietrasanta (LU), Italy, 2006
Main Group Exhibitions
– Cambridge Drawing Society Spring exhibition – Pitt Building, Cambridge UK
2018, 2019
– Cambridge Drawing Society Autumn exhibition – The Leys, Cambridge UK 2018, 2019
– Private View – Group Exhibition, Debut Contemporary, Notting Hill, London,
September 2012 – February 2013
– Un quadro per rinascere, contemporary art exhibition, Villa Paolina Bonaparte
Museum, Viareggio (LU), Italy, 2010
– Carrara Giorni d’Arte, 1st Modern and Contemporary Art Fair, Marina di Carrara (MS),
Italy, 2010
– Mille artisti a Palazzo, Palazzo Arese Borromeo, Antica Chiesa di S. Stefano, Cesano
Maderno (MI), Italy, 2009
– Donna e Arte, 6th painting and sculpture group exhibition, Teatro dell’Olivo, Camaiore
(LU), Italy, 2008
– La Memoria, La Speranza, painting and sculpture exhibition to commemorate the
martyrs of S. Anna, Chiesa di S. Anna di Stazzema (LU), Italy, 2008
– Liberamente Libro, Prof. Omar Galliani’s students group exhibition, Reggio Emilia and
Monreale (PA), Italy, 2007