Jill Mumford

After the four year B.A. course at Hornsey college of art, Jill spent three years as Art Director at Polydor records. Later going freelance as a record cover designer for many years working on L.P. covers for artists such as the Who, the Jam, Siouxie and the Banshees, XTC and many more.

Jill spent several years in the eighties as a scenic artist, working on films, commercials and pop videos. The most memorable being Derek Jarman’s “War Requiem”.

Jill has been inspired by two generations of oil painters:
her father and grandfather. To further her studies in oil painting Jill attended the Slade school of art.

Jill now paints in her N.E. Hertfordshire studio where she is inspired by nature, colour, space and form. Mostly painting in the genre of still life, she will examine compositions to find good colour relationships, looking for interesting abstract shapes in the compositions.

Jill also paints and draws regularly from life models and practises plein air painting.

In November 2023 Jill took part and co-curated a mixed show of eight international women artists at the Fitzrovia gallery, London.

Jill exhibits regularly with the Cambridge Drawing Society and Hertford art society.

Website: www.jillmumford.co.uk

Instagram: www.instagram.com/jillmumford/

E-mail:  jillmumford9@gmail.com