Rachel Haynes

I am originally from New Zealand and now live near Cambridge in the village of Bassingbourn.

From an early age, I was greatly encouraged in my love of drawing and painting, especially my passion for portraiture.

I work is mainly in pastel, which I love for its vibrancy, variety of colours and the tones that I can achieve in my detailed artwork.

My paintings emphasise  contrast,  light  and  luminosity  to  create  a  believeable  sense  of  form  and  space.  I am fascinated with the play of light and shade on a landscape and the sculptural nature of an object defined by graduations between brightness and darkness.

Inspiration for my artwork can come from many different stimuli, such as the  character and expression on a human face, or the light reflective qualities of shiny  surfaces in  a still life, and it  would  be difficult  not  to  be inspired by  the  dramatic  landscapes and magnificent coastal scenery seen in my native New Zealand.