Rob Ellis

I am a figurative painter and I paint rather precisely using transparent watercolours – “pure watercolour”.  I like to mix my paints on a palette and to decide exactly where and how to put them on the paper to achieve my aims.  I first learned the trick of drawing what I could see around me during school holidays some sixty years ago but after that I never studied art and very rarely drew or painted anything.  Then, in 2017, I started painting and drawing seriously and have devoted considerable time to it over the last few years.  I am particularly interested in working out how best to replicate different textures and the effect of light on them.  I see each new painting as a technical challenge rather than an expression of my passions.

In my working life I taught English in a number of foreign countries and then became a furniture restorer and french polisher about 25 years ago, which also allowed me to be at home when the children needed a parent on hand (while my wife brought in a salary).