An exhibition of paintings celebrating the customers, bakers, characters & cakes of Fitzbillies by CDS member Naomi Tomkys OBE

At Fitzbillies, 15 King’s Parade – Tuesday 3 July to Monday 7 October

Over the summer the newest branch of Fitzbillies, 15 King’s Parade, will be home to an exhibition of paintings of Life at Fitzbillies by local artist, Naomi Tomkys OBE. The 15 large oil paintings celebrate the customers, bakers, characters and cakes of Fitzbillies.

The subjects include customers in Fitzbillies coffee shops and restaurant, meeting friends; members of the Fitzbillies front of house team, behind their counters stocked with beautiful cakes, taking orders and serving customers and the Fitzbillies bakers, making the Chelsea buns early in the morning.

Naomi Tomkys said, ‘As a Cambridge artist I’d been thinking about capturing the essence of Fitzbillies in a series of drawings and paintings for ages. Wondering how fun it might be to immortalise Fitzbillies’ food, staff, history, patrons, vibe and even some drawings behind the scenes. Alison, the owner, and the whole Fitzbillies team loved the idea. So I’ve spent the last couple of months sketching, watercolouring and photographing at Fitzbillies. I didn’t realise how good I would have to get at painting cakes!’

Alison Wright, owner of Fitzbillies said, ‘It’s been an absolute pleasure having Naomi painting the business. It is easy to stop noticing when you are in an environment everyday and she has made me see the beauty of what we bake and particularly appreciate the moments of simple pleasure that are shared over our coffee, buns, cakes and brunch in our branches. I feel very proud of our whole team for the wonderful baked goods, food and coffee that they make and the environment they create for customers.’

The exhibition will run at Fitzbillies King’s Parade until Monday 8th October. The paintings are available for sale – but hurry, three have sold already!

Cake Counter at Fitzbillies – Naomi Tomkys